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Sugarland Run Field Trip

      We took the students to Sugarland Run to learn about the quality of the water and to learn more about it's ecosystem since it is a part of our watershed address.  Here is what Nina had to say about the trip!

      There were a lot of bugs in the water. To get the bugs we had a net and we shook to get the bugs from under the rocks. When we got the bugs on the net, we scooped them out of the water and put them on a table. We used tweezers to pick up the bugs. We used magnifying glasses to look closely because the bugs were small.  When we got the bugs out and put them on the table, we put the bugs in an ice cube tray full of water. It was fun and interesting. I learned a lot.
By Nina B., fifth grader

Dogwood Elementary is proud to offer the Summer Science Academy again this year!  We are planning a great scientific adventure for our children. Students will be engaging in an ecological study of Little Rocky Run and Sugarland Run and the affect of human impact on our Chesapeake Bay watershed.  We will have the help of professionals in the field, like Nicki Belleza, watershed supervisor from Reston Association and Dan Schwartz, water ecologist from Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation.   The Thomas Jefferson Mentors will be joining us again this year to provide support and role models for the students.  This year is going to be so exciting and a real hands-on learning experience.  We hope you will be able to join us for our Open House on August 12!

Looking forward to days of happy learning!
Mrs. Martin, Mr. Moseley, Mrs. Gadley, and Mr. Chierichella 
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