We would appreciate it if you would sign our guest book, especially telling what your favorite part of the website or museum was. Thank you, we hope you enjoyed our Summer Science Academy Share Fair!
8/27/2010 12:29:14 am

Summer science camp is awesome! We do lots of stuff that's fun.

lisa mikanda
8/27/2010 12:31:26 am

Great Job everyone! Looks like you all had a great week! I'm proud of you, Ashlyn!

8/27/2010 12:32:06 am

What a wonderful website you coyotes have created! It looks like you all had a lot of fun at the Science Academy this year. I can't wait to go in the stream with you again!

8/27/2010 12:32:43 am

Kids, you did a great job putting this website together! Keep up the good work!

Cathy Thompson
8/27/2010 12:56:44 am

Thanks Ms Martin and Mr Mosley this was an excellent project!!! Alex loved learning about ponds and nature. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Ray and Riley van Hilst
8/27/2010 12:57:31 am

Looks like great fun learning and exploring. Thanks for putting together such a great time for the kids.

8/27/2010 12:59:03 am

Sara Asad
8/27/2010 03:26:32 am

Working with the students at the Academy was a thoroughly exciting experience for me. I really enjoyed working with the kids and will really miss their smiles and eagerness to learn. Thanks for making my summer so memorable!

Kajsa Carlsson
8/27/2010 03:31:10 am

I really had a fabulous time working with all of the Summer Science Academy students. They were all really wonderful and very enthusiastic in everything they did. I will miss all of them but hope to see they in the up coming year when we mentors volunteer at Dogwood Elementary.

8/27/2010 03:35:17 am

Even though I was only here for a couple of days, these kids really taught me what it means to be eager to learn new things every day. I will always remember the experiences this Academy gave us.

8/27/2010 03:46:16 am

Hey Guys, it was so awesome working with you all this summer. I hope you enjoyed it asmuch as I did!!!!!

Navya Kandukuri
8/27/2010 03:47:21 am

I loved working here and I loved working with the kids. They are amazing and i really enjoyed mentoring them.

Aditi Chaudhry
8/27/2010 03:48:34 am

I had an amazing time these past two weeks. I enjoyed working on the website with the kids and helping them make their Pixies. They were all really wonderful and energetic and I loved going on the field trip with them. I hope to see them all again during the school year.

8/27/2010 04:01:17 am

Wow! You R-O-C-K in the USA!

Karen Mills
8/27/2010 04:27:25 am

This is very impressive! I can tell that you all worked very hard. It looks like you had fun, too. Thanks for letting us see what you have done.

8/27/2010 04:39:27 am

I am enjoying the nature/science show. What a treat!

Justin Hwang
8/27/2010 04:43:09 am

You guys are the best group of kids I have ever worked with ever!
Thanks for making this week so awesome.

Najate Elbatal
8/27/2010 04:43:56 am

I would like to have more informations about the program and thanks a lot to Ms. Martin and her collegues and all Thomas Jefferson High School mentors.

James Paul Masson
8/27/2010 04:44:41 am

That was way too cool! I really enjoyed going on both field trips. I learned a lot about the ecosystem of a pond and stream. I am totally taking Evan back with our Webelos Den. Thanks for letting me go.

Evan's Dad (AKA Jimmy)

Rich Calvin
8/27/2010 04:49:18 am

It looks like they had alot of fun in camp

Kelly Stiehl
8/27/2010 04:58:26 am

LOVE Summer Science Camp - great job kids, mentors, and teachers!

8/27/2010 07:19:58 am

I think what you teachers are doing for and with the kids is great. Please tell Andrew his "Uncle" Mike Mahoney from Las Vegas wishes all the kids learn about the world thru science. Mike Mahoney


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